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Next-generation wallets should move assets
across different networks quickly and easily,
with a comprehensible UX/UI.
With Rubic, you can build one!

Rubic’s SDK
and receive:

and user-friendly UX/UI
Best Transaction Experience:
1 click, 90 seconds, and the swap is done!
No transaction limits, liquidity is secured by providers
Joint marketing activities
and partnership programs
Automatic listing of new tokens via supported DEXs
Extra revenue from swap fees

Let users swap 15,500+ tokens
across 70+ blockchains,
directly in your wallet

  • No need to hassle your dev team to write
    new smart contracts, or set up your own relayers and validators
  • No need to pay to keep
    servers safe
  • On-chain and cross-chain swaps in 1 click

Rubic’s SDK

is based on universal JavaScript, and you can easily use this code to create cross-chain functionality
TrustRubic is open source, and has been audited by CertiK & Fairyproof
SupportRubic’s technical support is ready to assist you 24/7 - before, during, and after integration

Your path to the interoperable cross-chain world starts
right here!

More than 130+ crypto projects have already entered the cross-chain world with Rubic

Go Cross-Chain with Rubic

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