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Cross-Chain Tools for DEX

Integration of Rubic’s SDK gives your users the ability to swap 15,500+ tokens across across 60+ blockchains, directly in your appIntegrate Cross-Chain SDK
No need to pack together
separate bridges and DEXs
any longer, or spend loads of time
integrating them
No need to pay
to keep servers safe
No need to hassle your dev team
to write new smart contracts,
or set up your own relayers and validators when launching on other blockchains
  • Smart Routing:
    The best deals
  • Full Customization & Whitelabel solution
  • 90+ DEXs & bridges
  • Growth of trading volume
  • Earn up to 50% of Rubic’s fees
  • 24/7 support for integrators

Who went cross-chain with us

They started the cross-chain engine with Rubic… and you can do the same!Become cross-chain


Hector has built a cross-chain DEX
based on Rubic’s SDK
Hector now has full cross-chain functionality to swap tokens across blockchains
Since Rubic’s SDK integration, Hector has increased its revenue along with its trading volume
Hector Finance has customized the UI to its fullest and built its own user’s path
Our developers assisted
Hector the whole way: before,
during, and after integration
By integrating Rubic’s SDK,
Hector Finance has made available
on-chain and cross-chain swaps
of thousands of different tokens,
which reside on 60+ DEXs,
right on their DEX
Join them!

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